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The staffing industry is not what it used to be. Not that long ago, most employers viewed "temp help" as a "necessary evil"--a last resort when a fill-in was needed for a low-level employee.

But not anymore. Temporary staffing has become a sophisticated part of HR management used to supply just-in-time talent to all levels of an organization. When used strategically, staffing can greatly enhance your company's productivity and profitability--even in a tough economy.

So if your way of thinking about the staffing industry could use a little updating, take a read through this quick article which debunks five common staffing myths.

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June 2012
Overcoming 5 Common Staffing Misconceptions
Myth #1: Staffing firms are too expensive.

Fact: Staffing firms should save you money. By allowing you to better match your workforce to your work load, staffing firms can dramatically reduce labor costs. They can also help you eliminate overtime expenses, reduce benefits cost, and simplify personnel administration. And when you need to hire a full-time employee, you can leverage a staffing firm's recruiting expertise and economies of scale to quickly and cost-effectively access the talented candidates you need.

Myth #2: Temps are all secretaries.

Fact: Temporary employees now work in virtually every industry and increasingly include highly skilled professionals. In fact, the fastest growing segments of the staffing industry are for professional positions, including: medical, technical, legal and executive-level professionals. Staffing firms can provide on-demand expertise to tackle mission-critical projects--for a lot less cost than hiring a consultant.

Myth #3: You can't hire a good employee through a staffing firm.

Fact: Staffing firms use rigorous screening, interviewing, skills testing and background / reference check processes to ensure the quality of talent they supply. And unlike an individual you recruit on your own, a staffing service's candidate comes with a guarantee.

Myth #4: Staffing firms only provide "temps."

Fact: Today's staffing suppliers offer a wide variety of services that can be customized to suit your workforce needs, including: temporary help, direct hire, temp-to-hire, contract staffing and payrolling services. Many staffing firms also provide more strategic workforce management solutions such as on-site supervision and vendor management systems.

Myth #5: Temps are only good for "fill-ins."

Fact: Beyond filling in for vacations or illnesses, employers regularly use temporary and contract employees to: provide extra support during busy times; staff special short-term projects; access specialized talent; and evaluate talent for permanent positions.
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