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When it comes to hiring, some employers act like they hold all the cards. But, even in today's economy, the best people--the ones you really want--have other options.

Smart companies continue to recruit strategically, and they recognize that a big part of recruiting success depends on how you treat job seekers.

In this issue of Staff Matters, you'll discover the top five ways you can make a great first impression on potential employees. Follow these steps, and you'll be sure to attract more of the best and brightest to your organization.

I hope you enjoy these ideas! And please contact Contemporary Personnel Staffing for more great ideas on how to attract the best employees to your organization.


Laurie Liechty, President
Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated
Staff Matters
brought to you by Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated
August, 2010
The Challenge: Make the right first impression on potential employees.

The 60 Second Solution:
A smart candidate dresses to impress. Spends hours reviewing his or her resume. And prepares endlessly for your interview.

But what about the employer?

All too often, organizations do little or nothing to manage the impressions they create on prospective employees. Their lack of preparation can make the company seem disinterested, unprofessional or even arrogant. In the worst cases, a botched interview can actually damage the reputation of the company. And once your reputation is damaged, you will never attract top talent.

So how can you protect your company?

  1. Respect the candidate's time.
    • Share your hiring timeline. Most employers know when they will make a hiring decision, yet many leave the candidates out in the dark. Share this information with the candidate so they know exactly what to expect.
    • Respond in a timely manner. Nothing is worse than waiting by the phone. If a candidate is no longer being considered, let him or her know so that they can move on. And if you like someone, let them know as soon as possible--or you may lose them to the competition.
    • Don't leave 'em waiting. Ever go to the doctor's office and wait for hours, even though you were on time for your appointment? It's aggravating to say the least. Value your candidate's time. If they are on time for their interview, be on time as well.
  2. Tell the truth.
    Be upfront about the position, your culture and the expectations. Don't oversell the job or your organization. If you overpromise, you're likely to end up with an unhappy employee and performance will suffer. Also, be realistic about opportunities for future pay raises and promotions.
  3. Share salary information.
    You know how much you are willing to pay, the job seeker doesn't. Most employers hold out on offering salary information until the candidate reveals their expectations in hopes of getting a better deal. If you lowball a candidate, you risk losing the candidate to someone who is willing to pay them fair market value. Plus, if an employee winds up making less than they think they're worth, it can have a negative impact on their future productivity and motivation.

Looking for more ways to improve your hiring process? We can help! Call Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated today at 315-457-2500.
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