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Have you ever looked at an employee and wondered, "Who hired THAT guy?!" Sometimes candidates look like superstars on paper, and give all the right answers during an interview...but end up being a huge bust. Not only disrupting your workplace, but costing you time and money.

Make better hires by integrating personality tests into your hiring process. You'll weed out the "THAT guys" of the business world, and help keep your productivity humming.

In this month's issue of Staff Matters, we're sharing tips for making personality tests an effective part of your hiring process.

And if you need help finding better quality candidates, call me at 315-457-2500. Contemporary Personnel Staffing & Professionals Incorporated uses Kenexa ProveIt! behavioral and skill-based assessments, with over 1,200 validated assessments to test skills and behaviors.


Laurie Liechty, President
Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated

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Staff Matters
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October 2011
The Challenge: Using Personality Tests for Better Hires
Forget bad hires, and be sure you hire only the best-fit employees for your business by adding personality tests to your hiring process.

Here are some tips to help you get started:
  • Pick the right tests.
    The personality traits of a successful administrative assistant will be different from those of an IT manager. Your tests should reflect those needs. Research various personality tests used for particular positions, then choose the right tests for each of your candidates.
  • Make tests a tool, not a stand-alone.
    Tests are a great way to help you make hiring decisions, but they shouldn't replace your standard hiring process.
  • Set expectations.
    For each test you'll be using, be sure to define expectations you'll be expecting in a successful employee. Otherwise, you might be collecting data without a set purpose.
  • Define measurable results.
    Once you have expectations, be sure that you have a way to measure the results for your completed tests. Then you'll have an easy way to compare "scores" with "benchmarks."
  • Don't forget the basics.
    At the end of the day, don't forget about the importance of polished resumes and cover letters. Keep in mind the type of candidate you're looking for, and use the tests as an additional guide to complement your current hiring tools.
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